cafe coffee victor harbor

We have an app!

Online Ordering, Loyalty Points, Event Registration,
Exclusive Access and Special Offers

How to use some of our key features:

Order Ahead

Use the app to order your coffee to pick up on arrival. 

  1. Select ‘Order Here’ on the app
  2. Press ‘Next’ on pick up location
  3. Make order from listed menu
  4. Press ‘View Cart’ and follow the prompts to purchase your order
  5. Go in store to pick up your order

Earn Loyalty Points (In-Store)

Use the app to gain loyalty points to redeem in store.

  1. Select ‘Order Here’ on the app
  2. Select ‘Pay In-Store’
  3. Place your order at the front counter
  4. Tell staff ‘I’m paying with the app’ and quote the number displayed.
  5. The payment will be processed through the app with the card selected at the top of the screen

138 Hindmarsh Road
Victor Harbor 5211

Monday to Friday: 7am – 3pm
Saturday to Sunday: 8am – 1pm